In my clinical practice I use evidence based Nutritional Medicine, and focus on helping you achieve optimal health and wellbeing by addressing the health of your the GUT.

You can expect to come away from your personal nutritional medicine consultation with a prescription that includes dietary advice, food as medicine, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle advice. Delievered with a good dose of common sense, realistic goal setting,  evidence based methods, and good humour.

Conditions commonly treated include...

  • Digestive problems such as IBS, bloating, candida/thrush, constipation, reflux, Coeliac disease.
  • Women’s health including nutritional support during pregnancy and breastfeeding
  • Fatigue, stress, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, low mood, poor sleep
  • Allergies & hay fever
  • Skin concerns like eczema and acne
  • Low immunity, colds & flu
  • Dietary support and treatment of health conditions such as Coeliac disease, type 2 diabetes, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, arthritis, depression and anxiety.


Group facilitated or individual programs targeted to treat specific health conditions or requirements, examples include...

  • LIVER LOVE REFRESH & RESTORE PROGRAM. Specifically targeted to improve detoxification pathways and liver function. Includes a program guide with full diet and lifestyle instructions, 4 x weeks of family friendly meal plans, frequent check ins and contact from me, and an optional private online group forum for sharing with other participants. Benefits of the program include increased energy, improved skin, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and stress, weight loss, as well as learning a bunch of delicious new wholefoods recipes.
  • GUT HEALING PROTOCOL.  Individually tailored 5 Step program designed to heal and seal the Gut. We aim to remove aggravating factors, soothe and repair the digestive tract and alter the micro biome to restore balance to beneficial micro flora.  Incredibly useful treatment program in most health conditions including  IBS, Coeliac disease, stress, anxiety, mood and behavioral problems, skin problems such as eczema, and poor immunity.  
  • WHOLE FOODS FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY. A getting back to basics approach to preparing and cooking whole foods for yourself and your family. 80% of the time eating lovingly prepared whole foods that will serve your body and restore and maintain great health and wellness, 20% enjoying the treats that your enjoy such as red wine, chocolate etc. Weekly meal plans, shopping lists and cooking  & food preparation tips. Option to  include a cooking workshop with me.
  • BE HAPPY EAT WELL BE HEALTHY . Individually tailored dietary guidelines and lifestyle advice to assist with weight concern and achieveing optimal health. No calorie counting, scales or tape measures here! Encouraging the practice of mindful eating, healthy behaviours and self compassion.  Meal plans and recipes to encourange a variety of healthy whole foods suitable for singles, couples or families.
  • IMMUNE BOOSTING ebook. Great in the lead up to winter, learn the basics of bone broths, and kitchen pharmacy remedies to treat sore throats , coughs and runny noses.  Available to purchase in my online shop....


As a foodie, I am passionate about sharing my love for food and cooking with others. My workshops are designed to be fun, interactive, informative and delicious.  I can tailor to suit your needs covering all kinds of dietary requirements such as food allergies, gluten free, FODMAPs,  vegetarian. 

Examples of workshops include

  • Bone Broth  
  • Whole foods for the whole family- delicious family friendly food 1 dish 3 ways workshop
  • Get back into the kitchen- Cooking skills basics
  • Kick the Gluten- how to transform your pantry to a whole foods gluten/ wheat free go to.
  • Fermented Foods
  • Wholefood treats

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Working with you, and your business to create delicious and nutritious meals, snacks, menus and recipes that suit all kinds of dietary requirements. Let me help you produce food that is absolute deliciousness, "insta friendly" and bang on trend, ensuring the dishes we create together fit with and grow your food business.
This is ideal for cafes, caterers and restaurants that want to incorporate more nutritious menus and better service the ever increasing dietary requirements of the public including gluten free, Fodmap sensitive, dairy free , paleo, vegan etc.

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Initial Consultation 1 hour 15 mins $130

Follow up Consultation 30 minutes $70

Recipe Development and Nutritional Programs – please contact me

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