In my clinical practice I use evidence based Nutritional Medicine, and focus on helping you achieve optimal health and wellbeing by addressing the health of your the GUT.

You can expect to come away from your personal nutritional medicine consultation with a prescription that includes dietary advice, food as medicine, nutritional supplements, and lifestyle advice. Delievered with a good dose of common sense, realistic goal setting,  evidence based methods, and good humour.

Conditions commonly treated include...

  • Digestive problems such as IBS, bloating, candida/thrush, constipation, reflux, Coeliac disease.

  • Women’s health including nutritional support during pregnancy and breastfeeding

  • Fatigue, stress, anxiety, adrenal fatigue, low mood, poor sleep

  • Allergies & hay fever

  • Skin concerns like eczema and acne

  • Low immunity, colds & flu

  • Dietary support and treatment of health conditions such as Coeliac disease, type 2 diabetes, non alcoholic fatty liver disease, arthritis, depression and anxiety.


Initial Consultation 1 hour 15 mins $130

Follow up Consultation 30 minutes $70

Recipe Development and Nutritional Programs – please contact me

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